Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) is the peak body for Australia’s successful private international education sector. ACPET member colleges collectively enrol over 120,000 international students from 190 countries around the world each year in a wide variety of higher education, vocational education and training, English language and secondary education programs.

Studying at ACPET member colleges provides these students with the security of ACPET’s comprehensive quality strategy ensuring that Australia’s private education and training sector continues to be among the best in the world.

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Australian Government Schools International (AGSI)

Australian Government Schools International (AGSI) is the peak body for international education in the government schools sector. AGSI is committed to promoting government schools as quality education providers and supporting international education in the schools sector.

The state and territory governments have worked together collaboratively in the area of international education since 1994 through the networking organisation known as the Schools International Government Group (SIGG). At the SIGG meeting held in November 2009, AGSI was established to promote the government schools sector, raise issues and provide support to the international education sector nationally during a period of substantial challenge, review and change.

Government schools have been enrolling international students since 1990 and have provided these students with excellent support, an Australian school experience and a firm basis for further study. Most international students in government schools continue on to tertiary study in Australia.

AGSI is keen to participate in any consultation processes and appreciates the opportunity to provide the government school perspective on issues relating to international students.

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English Australia

English Australia represents over 100 member colleges throughout Australia that provide quality English language programs to students and professionals from around the world.

English Australia member colleges are committed to delivering the highest quality education and support services and assuring tuition protection for all students.

Over 80% of international students learning English in Australia choose to study with an English Australia member college.

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Independent Schools Council of Australia

Independent schools are non-government schools serving communities in every state and territory, city, major town and regional centre in Australia. Nearly 16% of Australian children attend independent schools. Close to 40% of overseas school students studying in Australia are enrolled in independent schools.

Independent schools provide parents with a diverse range of schooling options:

  • Primary, secondary and K-12 schools
  • Single sex and co-educational schools
  • Boarding and day schools

Independent schools are registered with relevant state or territory authorities. Most receive government funding and are not-for-profit institutions; the majority are founded and governed independently. Many offer a religious or values-based education.

The independent schools sector has a long history of excellence in education; academically and in provision of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Schools provide learner-centred environments and foster students’ problem-solving and independent learning skills. Welfare and safety of students are also of primary concern.

Please see for information and statistics about independent schooling in Australia, and for links to associations of independent schools in each state.

TAFE Directors Australia (TDA)

Established in 1998, TDA is the peak body in Australia representing the Directors and Chief Executive Officers of the 61 government owned vocational education and training institutes in Australia, including our Technical and Further Education (TAFE) Institutes, Polytechnics, Institutes of Technology, University TAFE divisions and the Australia Pacific Technical College.

These organisations provide vocational education and training across 1,700 nationally recognised qualifications and more than one third of our members are now approved to deliver degree level qualifications.

Our students can fast track to university or quickly update their knowledge and skills while still at work.

Our TAFE institutes are actively engaged in more than 40 countries, with 250 formal partnerships with local institutes and industries. Over 50,000 students study local and Australian qualifications in their own country and often supplement this with study and internships in Australia.

TDA supports it members with a wide range of forums, conferences and publications. We are a coordinating centre for UNESCO’s UNEVOC network and have formal cooperation agreements with a wide range of international associations and government agencies.

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