Australia’s Commitment to International Education

Australia is a world leader in its commitment to international students and their life and study in our great country.

Allianz Global Assistance is the largest assistance company in the world and we are very pleased to bring you the Partnered Allianz Global Education (PAGE) program.

Here at Allianz Global Assistance, we are focused on ways to help our community. This is why we are known as the leading Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and student assistance provider across Australia.

We are committed to making a positive difference for our international student community.

As an assistance company, the needs of others are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of being there in your time of need - whether that is face-to-face, online or by telephone. You can get help when you need it, wherever you may be in Australia.

PAGE Australia is delighted to also offer Agents and Education Providers a new program called ‘Student Welcome Services’ (SWS) a free online orientation program about studying in Australia (

We wish international students every success and hope that we can help make your study adventure a safe, amazing and happy experience, which enables you to achieve your dreams.

John Myler
Chief Executive Officer

The PAGE Vision
PAGE has a vision to achieve two key objectives for Australia:

  1. Increase international student numbers
  2. Maximise the quality of the International Student Experience


PAGE brings together a network of key service suppliers who all share a commitment to quality, standards and ‘best practice’ for international students and the international education industry in Australia.

Through PAGE, Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) is bringing together organisations and key suppliers who share a commitment for international students to have a healthy, safe, happy and successful study adventure in Australia.

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Helping Students make the right decisions about their life in Australia

Helping Parents make the right decisions for their child coming to Australia

Helping Educators with better prepared and an increased number of students

The Allianz Brand

The Allianz Group is the largest global general insurer, second largest global life insurer and third largest asset manager. Allianz is a brand that individuals and families throughout the world know and trust.

PAGE is an opportunity for Allianz Global Assistance to work with high quality committed suppliers to attract and drive business growth in the International Education Industry.

Allianz Global Assistance (AGA)

Allianz Global Assistance is committed to building and protecting the international education industry for Australia. AGA achieves this by working with select industry partners and by adopting the best available service standards that are supported by the international student industry. AGA is the largest international student health insurer in Australia and provides the highest quality of health insurance standards and services available.

PAGE will manage a network of strategic partners who all share a commitment to providing the ‘best in class’ support services for international students to Australia. By providing these services, PAGE will play an influential role in promoting ‘Brand Australia’ as the first choice and preferred country for international education.

The Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) and PAGE Commitment

AGA with PAGE is committed to building and protecting the international education industry for Australia. The Allianz Global Assistance brand, network and international resources will support the PAGE strategy for better efficiencies and outcomes for global education opportunities.

The PAGE strategy brings together a diverse group of key partners who all share a commitment to quality, standards and ‘best in class’ practice. The PAGE brand will be seen as a leader in the provision of quality student services and be influential in developing and increasing global interest in studying in Australia

PAGE Opportunities

For the International Education Industry

Partnered Allianz Global Education (PAGE) is looking for education providers, agents and quality international student service providers to be part of ‘PAGE’ and help us:

  1. Maximise the student experience in Australia
  2. Increase global interest in studying in Australia
  3. Promote and deliver the dream and opportunity for international students

For Students (and their Families)

Students and their families can have assurance and peace of mind with PAGE:

  1. PAGE brings consumer confidence with all offerings
  2. PAGE works with industry to maximise ‘best practice’ in all education industry service offerings
  3. PAGE will work with Allianz Global Assistance in country of origin to help with local support and decision making

The student experience, welfare and safety are the key drivers for PAGE.

Student Welcome Services and the PAGE Strategy

Student Welcome Services (SWS) is a new free online international student orientation program that has been established by Allianz Global Assistance to assist:

  1. Education Providers with having a customised and accountable multi language pre departure and post arrival online orientation program for their international students.
  2. Education Agents with access to a quality multi language orientation program ensuring that their students not only understand about living in Australia prior to arrival but also where they can get the best available services in Australia to enhance their student experience.
  3. The International Education Industry with a live Global Platform and ‘App’ to assist with both global marketing and on shore international student community inclusion.

‘The Student Life’ platform is designed to help the International Student:

  • Explore
  • Save
  • Learn and
  • Choose


Partnered Allianz Global Education (PAGE) is about Allianz Global Assistance taking a leadership position to enhance the international student experience and to bring more students to Australia for study.

Allianz Global Assistance will involve and attract other quality partners and brands to form a consortium of support players who will bring:

  1. Consumer confidence
  2. Better service standards and
  3. Improved support services

PAGE will help maximise the quality of the ‘International Student Experience’ in Australia and promote and facilitate a safe and worthwhile outcome for international students.

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